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Special offer for entrepreneurs 2013

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hombre logotipo pequeñoThree months of virtual office or 1 week of office space or meeting room.
C/ Genova 7, Madrid, will be the strategic and centric address of your business and the corporate, fiscal and commercial address to be used in your advertising media. Moreover, you will benefit from mail handling services, urgent mails or certificates notices, reception of visits, etc.

hombre logotipo pequeñoAsk an expert lawyer in Commercial and Company Law.
Without any obligation, you may ask for a first impression or contrast the ones you already have. Our group of experts, with proven experience, specialists in both counseling and consulting areas, will make your decisions easier.

hombre logotipo pequeño1 month of reception of calls
Your clients will enjoy a top quality service in telephone customer service 12 hours a day. You will be present all time and you will be able to assist them to the extent of your possibilities without losing any business opportunity.

We are businessmen and entrepreneurs by choice. More than 7 years ago, Empresarial Europea was born with the hope of those who fought to reach a goal, a dream. We have succeeded!
We received support and now we want to help all those who, with us, want to share the adventure of dreaming.

*Valid only for new clients.