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Empresarial Europea offers a broad range of services, among them we can highlight Co-working, oriented to professionals from different sectors sharing the same office and create synergies among them. In the same working space we promote the collaboration and teamwork.
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Profit from our Co-working:

  • - 100% equipped work places from 350€.
  • - Productive and professional environment.
  • - Optimization and make the most of your work.
  • - Creation of professional synergies.
  • - Access to our Networking meetings.
Contact  91-102-3000

Co-working in the center of Madrid

We rely on a Co-working service in Madrid and thanks to it you will find open spaces along with other professionals with which you will create a business relation. It is a productive environment where you will be able to share know-how, opportunities and projects. Empresarial Europea seeks the success of your business, regardless of its size, we bend over backwards to help your business grow and prosper.