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Telephone support services

You can rely on the telephone support service that we offer, with this we will provide support to your activity, you will save time and will achieve results. With us you will give a very professional image and to pass on to your clients that you rely on a team answering your phone.
Servicio atención telefónica - Atención al telefono -Centro de negocios Empresarial Europea

Telephone support services and much more:

  • - Answering with the name of the company.
  • - Reception of calls by bilingual staff.
  • - 12 hours of non-stop telephone support.
  • - Immediate notification of calls, by email or SMS.
  • - Optimization of your time and improvement of the corporate image.
Contact  91-102-3000

Telephone support

With our service of telephone support we will be able to receive all your calls, answer with the name of the company, transfer calls immediately and leaving you a message following your instructions. You will save time with the telephone support service in Madrid as we will be managing all the calls to make things easier for you. With our exclusive CRM system, managing in an optimal and safe way the telephone contacts you will not lose a call from your clients. Enjoy now our telephone support service with a customized price from 70€