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Virtual Offices

Empresarial Europea offers you the possibility of having a virtual office, which will help you develop professional activities and obtain better benefits, leaving all administrative issues in our hands. Thanks to this service it is easier to manage your office and reduce the costs arising from the establishment of an office.
Oficina Virtual - Centro de Negocios Empresarial Europea

Our service includes:

  • - 12 hours of administrative support.
  • - Reduction of costs.
  • - Commercial, Corporate and Fiscal Residence.
  • - Reception of calls.
Contact  91-102-3000


Virtual Office in Madrid

Our company offers the possibility of obtaining your virtual office in Madrid, we offer a variety of services so that company meets the objectives aimed and to generate greater number of clients. We provide everything you may need to develop your company. Our virtual offices in Madrid will help you in everything related to administrative issues. Your virtual office in Madrid from €45