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Rent an office per hours

Our company provides services and at the same time is a business center located in Madrid. Thanks to the renting of offices per hour, we provide an administrative infrastructure fully equipped to develop your activity in an efficient manner.
Alquiler despachos por horas en Madrid - Centro de Negocios Empresarial Europea

Offices per hours and much more::

  • - 12-hour reception and administration.
  • - Electricity, air conditioning and heating consumption.
  • - Furniture +ADSL + customized Telephone and more from €30.
  • - Use of Conference rooms and other offices.
  • - Photocopy service, packaging and binding, etc.
Contact us 91-102-3000

Renting of offices per hours in Madrid

Thanks to our services for the renting of offices per hours in Madrid, you will be able to keep in direct touch with your clients and to organize meetings without leaving our premises. This solution offers the opportunity to obtain greater success opportunities and support from Empresarial Europea with its infrastructures.

Our prices are:

  • - Offices per hours (1 hour)                                         30 €

  • - Offices per hours (Half day)                                      65 €

  • - Offices per hours (Whole day)                                  95 €

  • - Voucher of offices per hour (10 hours + 2 Free)        300 €(25 € per hour)