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What is a business center?

Traditionally, a business center was a place where any professional had the possibility to rent offices, conference rooms or virtual offices services and support of its activity. In Empresarial Europea, we have broadened the concept of turning into a real business center where businessmen can gain clients, allies and greater growth opportunities as well as training in their areas of interest.

Are there may entrepreneurs who choose this formula?

In view of the new environment, many entrepreneurs have been obliged to reduce fix costs. Installing the company in a business center is the best way to save costs while maintaining a serious image for their clients. Therefore, more businessmen choose to rent an office in a center like ours.

Why is it so important the location of the center?

Being well located is especially important for your clients. Moreover, it is also helpful that in addition to location, the street is close to hotels, restaurants, parkings…in case your visits come from other cities or countries.

What are the opening hours?

Our opening hours are from 8:30 to 20:00 Monday to Friday. And in August: from 8:30 to 15:00 hours.

How do you access our center?

All our clients have a personal card to access their offices.

The premises have Internet connection?

Offices and rooms allow high speed Internet connection with wifi or cable. When you arrive, a technician helps you with the configuration of your devices.

How many offices are there available?

The availability of offices varies. There are businessmen who keep their offices in Empresarial Europea for years and others who rent them for a temporary need. Ask for information regarding the availability of our offices.

Once you have made the decision, when can I move to my new space in Empresarial Europea?

We adapt to your deadlines but once you have decided it, in a period of 24 hours, you can be working in your office or using our support services.

Can I appear in a directory so that I can be easily found when my clients visit me?

Our clients have the possibility (for an additional cost) to add their logo and name to the main entrance or to the entrance of the business center.

How long can I use the service?

Our philosophy, successful for many years, is to listen to the professional and try to be as flexible as possible, attending its specific needs. Share with us your objectives and we will make you a personalized offer.

Can I contract a basic service and extend it later on?

Of course you can. Some businessmen look for a physical headquarters from the beginning. Other, who are at a starting point, prefer to contract the virtual office service and reception of calls and later on choose an office.

What is a virtual office?

To contract the virtual office service is the way to provide a professional image for your clients without working directly in the center. Our team attends your calls and receives your mail while you work from home or elsewhere. If at any time, you need to rent an office or room per hours, you may do it without problem.