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Our Clients Think

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In the Business Center Empresarial Europea I have always felt like at home and that is very important to work comfortably. Moreover, I have taken part in some of the networking events they organize and I have been able to get to know other entrepreneurs who later on have turned into clients or suppliers. Without doubt, an important advantage when generating business, Maxi Hernández. Director – Babait www.babait.com


We needed a good location to provide an excellent image to our clients. Therefore, that was one the reasons for us choosing this business center. Afterwards, we have been able to verify that aside from a good location we have been able to use efficient assistance services when we were overwhelmed by work and we needed professional support” Eduardo Riestra. Director - Riestra Abogados. www.riestra-abogados.com


I would like to thank the team of Empresarial Europea for the treatment received from the first day. I doubted between choosing an office for myself or a place like this one. At the beginning, I didn’t see a big difference but now I can clearly see the saving of fix costs and that I can rely on a group of professionals attending my calls, receiving my mail and helping in when I need it. It’s like if they formed part of my team. That is how I feel it. Diego Montes. Director – Club Desarrollo Comercial


I have been 6 years in this center and I woud like to thank them for everything they have given to me. Here I have everything I need in a familiar environment but also a professional one thanks to the services and activities, something that I haven’t seen in other similar centers. Every time I have the opportunity or somebody asks me, I do not hesitate to recommend Empresarial Europea, both if you wish to have the most basic services of Virtual Office and if you have your own office elegant and functional”. Jorge Pajares. Socio-director - Dantex Group www.dantexgroup.com


In my name and in the name of my colleagues from Portugal, I would like to thank you for the great effort and excellent work you do in the reception and attention of calls from clients interested in our services. I would also like to share the congratulations received from clients for your professionalism with which we do our work and for the great success achieved. Juan Alcazar. Director – Luso Roux. www.luso-roux.pt


From the first day I have found in Empresarial Europea a professional and collaborating environment which allows you focusing on your activity in a more efficient way. Rocío Toranzo de la Fuente. Founding-member - Estanwell. www.estanwell.es


It already 3 years that we have our company located in Empresarial Europea. Initially, it was only its strategic location for our business what made us choose this Business Center; but, as time has gone by, something that I would like to thank them for is their interest for improving and adapting to our needs. If we went back in time, I would choose Empresarial Europea again, but now I wouldn’t take into account its location only. Mayte Vicente. Director – Albarelo Gestión, S.L. www.albarelogestion.com


I found for my company an excellent location offering a confident image, appropriate for our target clients. I did not look for a common office, I was looking for a place where I could feel like at home, with a family, with an excellent manner… and that I have found it in Empresarial Europea. An unconditional support from the first day I arrived to their premises and that many times has served as inspiration to continue. A collaboration and good working practices so difficult to find. I feel very good when I know that I am in a privileged space and with the best people but specially good professionals. José Silva. Director – Commanitas. www.commanitas.com


With these lines I would like to thank you all the support offered. The services provided by all the team of the center during these 3 years. It has been and is really professional. Erick Gargurevich. Director – Hispana Meeting Services.